You may have heard of glycolic acid as it’s often used as a skin treatment. It’s actually derived from the sugar cane so it’s a natural product. In it’s concentrated form, it’s often used for rust removal or as a degreaser.

In cosmetics, its usually used as an exfoliant or in a moisturizer. It’s safety in skin use is debated so not as common as other ingredients. Some people argue that for a glycolic acid exfoliant to be effective, it needs to contain more than 10% of the acid. The issue is that most cosmetic producers don’t want to risk having too much of it in their products. It is possible to get treatments that are high in glycolic acid, but they usually cost a fair amount.

So what can it actually do for our skin? Basically, it’s acidity exfoliates out skin. It’s just a strong exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Due to it’s strength, it can cause your skin to be sensitive to sunlight. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight after treatment. It can also cause your skin to appear red and flushed.

In this article about exfoliating I mentioned that exfoliating too often or with a product that’s too strong ended up badly for me. It caused my skin to become oilier over time. I personally wouldn’t think this treatment would be great, but I would be willing to try it!

Have any of you been treated with glycolic acid? Please tell us how you got on!

Plenty of people with the oily skin type suffer from acne. On this page I’ll write about practical tips on how to deal with acne and how to minimize the effects of acne. I will keep updating this page as I learn more on the topic as there is so much information on acne out there.

If you have any experience with dealing with acne and have found some strange solution that works for you then you can let us know about it in the comments section below.

Before I continue with the tips on how to help manage the effects of acne, I want to remind you that being self conscious about acne never helps. I understand that it is upsetting and you just want it to go away but stressing over it just makes it worse. Once you know you are doing all you can to reduce the problem, try to take your mind of it. It is easier said than done but I just had to say it. It is a problem than many people deal at some point with and everyone understands. Once you start obsessing over the issue, you will start to drive your self crazy so try to avoid over thinking the issue in the first place.

I will start with some simple tips on how you can help reduce the effects of acne. You will (or should) know most of these but it is worth reminding yourself of some and checking if there is anything new here.

1- Avoid touching your face. This is definitely my top tip. Touching your face causes the acne to spread. It even annoys me when other people touch their faces. Just stop it!

2- Wash your pillow case as often as possible. I know this just adds to your chores but it is worth doing.

3- Food does actually make a difference but it is not just one or two types of food, it’s your diet as a whole. You need a healthy diet which is based more on protein than sugars. A diet based on sugar will cause your skin to suffer.

4- Try some vitamin supplements. Acne and spots could be caused by a deficiency in one or more vitamins or minerals.

5- Wash your face with a cleanser that contains sylylic acid.

6- Try to get enough sleep. If you are not sleeping enough then there must be a reason for it, but you should at least try to tackle the issue.

7- Drink plenty of water.

8- Be careful with what you put on your face. Just like when you manage oily skin, you need to research what you use on your skin, whether it be foundation or moisturizer. Trial and error is essential here but there are some basic guidelines you should follow to speed up the process.

9 – Reduce Stress – This is another tough one, however if you feel like stress might be the cause of your problem then you should start to think about ways to manage your stress.

10- Sunshine and fresh air – If you work from home and don’t have the chance to get out much then this might be an issue for you. Try and go for a walk every day and see if this helps improve your skin as well as your health in general.

These are just 10 basic steps you could take to try and improve your situation. Being proactive is the way forward when dealing with acne. Although it does sometimes just go away, this is not always the case so it’s better to start making some simple changes to your life in order to improve the situation now rather than later.

I’ll be looking into each of these aspects more closely, and adding what I learn on this page. Acne is a big deal and I am here to try and get the best information in one place for you (and me). I am 22 and still deal with the issue so I hope to learn some new ways of dealing with it myself.

We all know that different things work for different people, but it’s still sometimes worth trying some new things out. This is why I’ve created the forum. We can all help each other out that way.